What trucks does the Elongator Tailgate fit?


Chevy Silverado 1500 - Model Years 2014-2018

Chevy Silverado 2500 - Model Years 2015-2018

Chevy Silverado 3500 - Model Years 2015-2018


GMC Sierra 1500 - Model Years 2014-2018

GMC Sierra 2500 - Model Years 2015-2018

GMC Sierra 3500 - Model Years 2015-2018


Ford F150 - Model Years 2015-2018

Ford F250 - Model Years 2017-2018

Ford F350 - Model Years 2017-2018



RAM 1500 - Model Years 2010-2018

RAM 2500 - Model Years 2010-2018

RAM 3500 - Model Years 2010-2018



Toyota Tundra - Model Years 2014-2018


Other Chevy/Ford/GMC versions available throughout 2018.

Do you offer the Elongator Tailgate in the OEM color of my truck?

We do not color match the skins. Experience has shown that your local shop will do a better job of color matching to your specific truck. If you wish to paint the skin you can order your Elongator with an unpainted skin.


We also offer the Elongator in the following skin colors/patterns: Black Carbon Fiber White Carbon Fiber.

What is the Elongator Tailgate made of?

Steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The ramps are made out of aluminum. The rear skin, top and side caps are made out of ABS. This material is lightweight and tough. It can also be easily painted.

Can I order the Elongator Tailgate without ramps?

No. The Elongator is a completely integrated system and comes with the ramps. Besides, ramps are fun.

What is the warranty coverage?

12 month coverage. Click here to learn more about our Warranty Coverage

When the Elongator Tailgate is closed do the ramps rattle when driving?



The Elongator Tailgate has been engineered to avoid this. The ramps nest together snugly in the ramp compartment. The extension then folds down to hold the ramps in even more tightly. Finally, the extension has been designed so that the bottom gets "pinched" between the back of the truck cargo bed and the bottom of the Elongator Tailgate. Nothing can move, nothing can rattle, nothing can fall out.


Are there other options for the Elongator Tailgate?

Yes - If your current truck has a backup camera you can have this as an option. Also, if you have a tailgate that remotely locks with your key fob you can order that option as well. Each of these items come as a bundled option.

If I don't need the backup camera and remote lock option does that mean my tailgate will not lock?

It will still lock. The basic Elongator Tailgate comes with a separate physical key that unlocks our handle. The REMOTE LOCK works with newer trucks that have an OEM key fob. Your Elongator Tailgate can still be locked regardless of the option you select.

What are Gator Modules?

In 2018 we’ll introduce removable “gator modules” that snap into the extension making your Elongator Tailgate capable to do even more. The modules will be designed for all types of work and recreational activities.


The modules can be attached when you need them and easily removed when you don’t. And they won’t interfere with the extension function. In fact, you’ll still be able to use the extension at the 210 degree position with the module in place. Plus, we built the modules so that once your Elongator Tailgate is closed and locked they can not be removed or opened, which means your Elongator Tailgate is built for more – peace of mind, too!.  Click HERE to learn more.


Where is the Elongator Tailgate made?

Proudly designed and made in the USA. Components are made in South Carolina, Pennsylvania and Georgia. Final assembly occurs in South Carolina.

How much load can the Elongator carry?

The extension can hold 850 pounds when placed at 180 degrees. The ramps are rated at 700 pounds each.

How do I install the Elongator?

Truck tailgates are fairly easy to remove (and thus install). Below is the general procedure. Your truck may have more specific instructions.



1: Remove the support cables from your existing tailgate. You will use them with the Elongator Tailgate.


2: If there are any cameras or remote lock cabling disconnect them.


3: Drop the tailgate about 1/4 down. There is a spot on the hinge that allows you remove it off the passenger side post first and then pop it off the drivers side.


4: Reverse the previous three steps to install the Elongator Tailgate.


5: Reward yourself with a cold beverage of your choosing.


6: Get used to people being even more envious of your truck.