Government and fleet trucks are our number one customer segment. 

Why? Because they run their trucks hard.  They are always loading a variety of equipment and vehicles into the bed.  They demand the highest build quality and dependability for the best ROI.

Are you involved in rapid response, disaster recovery, or operating on State or Federal land?  Through forests and over mountains?

Then this is the tailgate you need on your trucks.


When time is of the essence the last thing you need to do is go to some other location to pick up equipment before you can be on scene. Or drag a trailer through hard to navigate roads, terrain, water or debris fields.
With multiple functions for maximum flexibility, the Multi-Function Tailgate gives your trucks the ability to do more. Easily carry wheeled vehicles, equipment, long loads and deploy it faster - and safely.

Carry long loads more safely and more easily with the Multi-Function Tailgate. No special racks, or things to attach. Just open and extend the tailgate.


Keep more of your truck under what you are carrying. 


 Use it for play

 Use it for hunting

 Use it...for everything