Soon we’ll introduce removable “gator modules” that snap into the extension making your Elongator Tailgate capable of doing even more.  Designed for all types of both work and recreational activities, the modules can be attached when you need them and easily removed when you don’t. And they won’t interfere with the extension function. In fact, you’ll still be able to use the extension at the 210 degree position with the module in place.

Plus, we built the modules so that once your Elongator Tailgate is closed and locked they can not be removed or opened.

closed hunting module

Hunting Module

The days of carrying a long gun in the back of your truck are over.  With our locking hunting module you can safely and securely carry your gun or bow in the back of your truck.  Not only is the case locked but when you lock your tailgate there is no way for anyone other than you to remove the contents.


Liquid Modules

Carry extra fuel for riding (or work - sorry).

Carry extra water for long trips.

Heck, carry extra DEF fluid - The truck always wants it, right? 

With our liquid modules you can carry what you need to get your work done, have some fun or both.  

Table Module

This is a USER CUSTOMIZED platform that clips into the open extension.  It is 16" long and can be customized for your particular needs.  Make it a "marking table" or a platform for your hobby, paint it to support your school, your cause, whatever.

Other soon to be released Gator Modules:

Tool Module - Fishing Module - Tailgating Module - User Customized Modules