If your truck has a fixed hinge point on the right side it will not have the proper hinge.  The Elongator Tailgate will only fit on the hinge that comes with a rotating hinge point on the right side.  If your truck has a factory "lift assist" you should already have a rotating hinge point.  

IF you have a fixed hinge point on the right side, you will need to purchase a LIFT ASSIST option.  

To determine which type of hinge you have:

1)  Open your tailgate and lower it about 1/3 of the way.

2)  Pull up on the right side of the tailgate.  The gate will slide up and off the hinge point.

3)  Look at the hinge and compare it to the pictures below to determine if you need the HINGE ADAPTOR kit.


GMC/CHEVY IMAGE 1:  The truck DOES NOT HAVE a lift assist or rotating hinge point.  Lift Assist option REQUIRED.


GMC/CHEVY IMAGE 2:  The truck HAS lift assist and/or rotating hinge point. LIFT ASSIST option NOT REQUIRED.



Ford without list assist

FORD IMAGE 1:  The truck DOES NOT HAVE a lift assist or rotating hinge point.  Lift Assist option REQUIRED.


Ford with lift assist

FORD IMAGE 2:  The truck HAS lift assist and/or rotating hinge point. LIFT ASSIST option NOT REQUIRED.