Hinge Points

Older trucks and base model trucks may need a small part change to accomodate the Elongator Tailgate.  This change takes less than five minutes and requires no modification to your truck other than replacing one part with another.

The Elongator Tailgate needs a rotating hinge point on the passenger side and a fixed pin on the driver side.  If your truck has a factory "lift assist" or a "tailgate step" you should already have the correct  parts installed. 

To determine which type of hinge you have:

1)  Open your tailgate compare your driver side and passenger side hinge points the the photos below. 



GMC/CHEVY IMAGE 1: (PASSENGER SIDE)  The truck DOES NOT HAVE a  rotating hinge point.  Part change REQUIRED.


GMC/CHEVY IMAGE 2: (PASSENGER SIDE).  The truck HAS a rotating hinge point. Part change NOT REQUIRED.



Driver Side

FORD IMAGE 1 (DRIVER SIDE):  The truck has a ROUND barrel connector.  It DOES NOT have a fixed pin on this side.  Part change REQUIRED.
FORD IMAGE 2 (DRIVER SIDE):  The truck has a fixed pin on this side.  Part change NOT REQUIRED.

Passenger side

Ford without list assist

FORD IMAGE 1: (PASSENGER SIDE).  The truck DOES NOT HAVE rotating hinge point.  Part change REQUIRED.


Ford with lift assist

FORD IMAGE 2:(PASSENGER SIDE).  The truck HAS a rotating hinge point. part change NOT REQUIRED.