Hinge Points

Older trucks and base model trucks may need a small part change to accomodate the Multi-Function Tailgate.  This change takes less than five minutes and requires no modification to your truck other than replacing one part with another.

The Multi-Function Tailgate needs a rotating hinge point on the passenger side and a fixed pin on the driver side.  If your truck has a factory "lift assist" or a "tailgate step" you should already have the correct  parts installed. 

To determine which type of hinge you have:

1)  Open your tailgate compare your driver side and passenger side hinge points the the photos below. 



GMC/CHEVY IMAGE 1: (PASSENGER SIDE)  The truck DOES NOT HAVE a  rotating hinge point.  Part change REQUIRED.


GMC/CHEVY IMAGE 2: (PASSENGER SIDE).  The truck HAS a rotating hinge point. Part change NOT REQUIRED.



Driver Side

FORD IMAGE 1 (DRIVER SIDE):  The truck has a ROUND barrel connector.  It DOES NOT have a fixed pin on this side.  Part change REQUIRED.
FORD IMAGE 2 (DRIVER SIDE):  The truck has a fixed pin on this side.  Part change NOT REQUIRED.

Passenger side

Ford without list assist

FORD IMAGE 1: (PASSENGER SIDE).  The truck DOES NOT HAVE rotating hinge point.  Part change REQUIRED.


Ford with lift assist

FORD IMAGE 2:(PASSENGER SIDE).  The truck HAS a rotating hinge point. part change NOT REQUIRED.