Made in the U.S.A

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The Multi-Function Tailgate is proudly designed and built in the USA by people who know how to build things.  People who use the product they are building.  They are building a high tolerance, OEM-level, quality product.  The kind you can be proud to put on your truck and use.



See below some close up images of the Multi-Function Tailgate.


Close up of the ramps attached to the extension. Our ramps have a special tab that lock them into the extension so they will not kick out when you are loading something. This is a HUGE safety feature we are very proud of. NOTE: We have raised the ramp up a bit so you can see the tab. The ramp sits flush to the extension when not held up for this photo.


Side view of the gate with the extension in the 210 degree position. The extension forms the first part of a loading ramp. The ramps are still in the Multi-Function Tailgate.


Close up of one of the four extension attachment points.


Side view of the gate with the extension in the 180 degree position. Both ramps are still nested inside the Multi-Function Tailgate.


Close up of the latch


Gate lowered with the extension still closed.