Ramp Bridges



When ramp loading large wheeled vehicles likes ATV’s or motorcycles the open area where the ramps were stored creates an empty space. This ramp cavity is not a factor as the large wheels easily roll over the gap.

“Ramp Bridges” cover the ramp cavity when you are loading items with smaller wheels like hand trucks, pressure washers and lawn mowers.  Place the ramp bridges in line with the ramps. This allows you to easily cross the ramp cavity as if it is not there.

When not needed the ramp bridges store upside down in the ramp cavity. You store the ramps on top of them. That way everything is with you all of the time.

See how they work:

Ramp Bridges

Lined up for center loading

Wide wheelbase loading

Ramp Bridges store upside down in the ramp cavity.  The ramps store on top of them and everything is nicely hidden away.