Elongator Tailgate Lifestyle Video


Full Length Demo of the Elongator Tailgate



Wiring the Tailgate Harness


Using the folding extension as a load barrier

Launch and retrieve your boat safely 


New Ramps for the Elongator Tailgate 

The Elongator Tailgate Does Not Intrude Into The Truck Bed

Finger Pockets

Can You Load Your ATV This Fast?

How quickly can you get your ramps out of your truck, SAFELY load your ATV onto LOCKED ramps that wont kick-out when loading, remove and safely store your ramps and drive away? 81 seconds? Our owners can.

Strapping Lumber the Safe Way

Chevy/GMC Installation Video  (Download Installation Manual)


How To Videos

Below are quick video segments detailing the Elongator Tailgate features.

The Folding Extension and the 180 degree position


The Folding Extension and the 210 degree position


The Ramps


These Ramps Are Secure



ATV Loading


Motorcycle Loading


Making Everything Disappear


An Award Winning Product